That is creepy (lol), and NO, your location is not tracked or displayed constantly. As you probably know by now, there are two different versions of our product, one is called CADlink and is an MDT-style product designed for use in fire apparatus. The other is Responder, the one used on a personal smartphone. The CADlink-equipped apparatus is tracked all the time, regardless of status, so long as the app is running in the truck. Since departments use this as an MDT, it is normally running 24/365, so these vehicles are typically visible all the time.

The Responder-equipped personal smartphones are ONLY tracked when they are in an “active” status connected to an incident, such as “To Station”, “To Scene”, “On Scene”, etc. When the device is NOT in an active incident status, such “Available”, “Off Duty”, etc., the unit’s location is NOT tracked. You might occasionally see other Responder users on the map, though no call is in progress. Those users may simply have failed to put themselves back into “Available” or “Off Duty” status at the end of their last response. If their app is still running, their location will still be tracked until they change their status. If the app is no longer running (say they shut it down after the call), their device may display in its last known location for a period of time before disappearing from the map. This is a feature intended to help a user who may have misplaced or dropped their phone during a response.