When the StreetWise application is first opened, the server sends the latest hydrant files to the device for use in the map display. Depending on the number of hydrants in the agency’s system, this can take as much as several minutes. Until the file is successfully loaded, the hydrants will not display on the tactical map.

If, after several minutes, the hydrant locations are still not displaying:
1. Make certain an active call is on the device screen in an area where hydrants would be present. Confirm the hydrant setting is set to display a radius of hydrants around that incident. If hydrants are still not displayed, then
2. Repeatedly and rapidly tap the “connected” icon at the top right corner of the screen until the login screen reappears. Use the device ID and license key to log back in to StreetWise. Wait several minutes and check hydrant display again.
3. If hydrants are still not displaying properly, contact StreetWise Technical Support or submit a support ticket.