At this time, you cannot customized preplan questionnaires. The issue here is trying to maintain uniformity so that the preplans can be shared across departments with efficiency. We are the first company ever to provide preplan “software as a service” on a cloud platform, allowing for data sharing between clients. All other preplan software is either locally installed and hosted, or does not have inter-agency sharing capability, so we face some unique challenges. For many of our customers, numerous departments in an area use StreetWise and preplans are shared. If clients are permitted to have customized preplan templates, the shared preplans become difficult to navigate by departments that use different templates.

Preplans don’t have a set national template, similar to the standardized NFIRS incident report, so that everyone has the same. In the absence of that, we try to follow the guidance provided in NFPA 1620 “Standard on Pre-Incident Planning”, using it as a sort of “gold standard” to try to achieve in a single, standardized preplan template.

It would be possible to allow each department to create their own custom preplan templates that are unique and have those templates served only to that agency, similar to their hydrants and sticky waypoints. We have considered this, but feel like it is losing some of the benefit of a cloud-based system where data and information can be easily and efficiently shared across regions, states, or even nationally when needed.